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Solar Street Light

  Solar Street Light

A stand alone solar photovoltaic street lighting system comprises a compact fluorescent lamp, lead acid battery, PV module mounting hardware, battery box, operation, instruction and maintenance manual.

The system is designed to automatically switch ON at dusk operate throughout. The right and automatically switch OFF at the dawn, under average daily insulation of 5 KWH/ sq.m on a horizontal surface

About Battery
Solar Street Light consists of positives plate, (tubular) lead Exide battery the minimum rating of battery is 12V. 75AH at (C/10) discharge rate. It is low maintenance battery that gives reliable services if properly used. It should be regularly charged with the supplied SPV module. The charging & discharging operation of the battery is controlled through charge controller. It is placed inside a suitable luminaire.
Flooded electrolyte type, positive tubular plate, low maintenance lead acid battery.
The battery is having a minimum rating of 12V, 75AH (at C/10) discharge rate.
The battery is capable of withstanding discharge to a level of 23% of its rated capacity, without damage or loss of cycle life.

About Photovoltaic & SPV Module
The PV module(s) shall contain crystalline silicon solar cells. The power output of the module(s) under STC is 37 W (if 2 modules are used) or 74 W (in case of a single module). The operating voltage corresponding to the power output mentioned above 16, 4V. Photovoltaic means generation of voltage (electricity) with the help of photo (light), it is semi conductor device generally called solar cell. When the source of light is the sun It is called Solar Photovoltaic.

In SPV Module, the solar cells are connected & mounted in a modular form to give required output to a system. This is a low voltage DC source device. When it is exposed to sun, it produces electrical energy from light energy. The SPV Module chargers the battery which connected through the controller of SL SOLAR STREET LIGHT is 37W under STC. The operating voltage corresponding to the power output mentioned above is 16.4V.

It mainly consist of the following:

  • SPV Module 37 W with a metallic frame mounting structure for proper mounting & installation.
  • Electronics circuit comprises of one charged controller unit and inverter (luminaire) units. The circuits are mounted inside the attractive mentalic body fitted with switch fuse in and connecting point etc. 2 in. 11W CFL lamps are fitted inside the luminaire unit for connection with cable.
About Compact Flourscent Lamp (CFL)
SL SOLAR STREET LIGHT consists of two number of 2 pin. 9W CFLs which operated at high frequency (20-30KHZ). When the output of battery is supplied through inverter circuits. The efficiency and life of CFL is much more compared to ordinary lamp and cormesiess power. The light output of the 9W CFL is equivalent to 60W incandescent lamp. It is mounted inside luminaire units.

About Lamp
  • The Lamp is of compact fluorescent (CFL) type, either 4-pin or 2-pin type, with a rating of 11W, for the 4 pin type CFL. Adequate pre-heating circuit and relay is provided.
  • The light output from the lamp is around 900 +/- 5% lumens.
  • The lamp should be housed in a weatherproof assembly suitable for outdoor use, with a reflector on its back. While fixing the assembly, the lamp should be held in a base up configuration.
Trouble Shooting
Some of the common faults which may come during use of Solar Street Light can be rectified by the user himself as given below:
Sl. No. Symptoms Possible Reason Remedy
1. Lamp not glowing Fuse blown Lamp(s) defective
Lamp(s) defective Replace lamp(s).
Battery low Charge Battery
Improper connection Make proper connection between charge controller, battery & luminaries with proper polarity.
2. Lamp Flickering Improper lamp connection Fix lamp properly.
Metal strip not in its place of properly connection. Place the metal strip between CFL Properly with Module Battery by observing proper polarity.
3. Charging indicator(green) does not glow. Charged controller fuse blow Replace fuse.
Improper connection of (b).module battery with charge controller. Make connection of charge controller. Properly with module battery by observing proper polarity.