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Solar Lantern



The LED Based Solar Lantern is a portable lighting device suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting covering a full range of 360 degrees. In consists of a lamp, battery and electronics, all placed in a plastic housing and a SPV module.
LED Based Solar Lantern is a device that operates by solar energy, which is converted to electrical energy by the SPV module and stored in battery. Red & Green LEDs are provided on the housing of lantern for indicating battery discharge & battery charging respectively.
The LED Based Solar Lantern can be used to provide sufficient light in the homes where electricity is irregular and scarce. It is powered through a Solar Photovoltaic Module (SPV). These modules are manufactured to comply with stringent quality standards and are capable of withstanding the toughest environment conditions over a long service life.


  • Latest Technology
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Long Life Span
  • Energy Efficient
  • It can be used in indoor as well as outdoor
Light Source Cluster of white Nichia LEDs
Power Consumption < 2.5 W
Electronics Efficiency >80 %
Battery 6V, 4Ah
Battery Backup 12 Hrs.
SPV Module 3 W
Weight 1.2 Kg.
Package Contents
Depending on what the customer has ordered, ensure the following items have been delivered:
Lantern : 01 No.
SPV Module : 01 No.
Accessories : 01 Set

Remove the Lantern from the carton, Carefully go through the Installation & Maintenance Guide. Inspect for signs of any damage. If any damages are observed, notify the dealer name and return the unit to the factory immediately. If there are no obvious signs of damage, read safety instructions and proceed with installation.

Safety Instructions
  • Read these instructions.
  • Keep these instructions.
  • Heed all warnings.
  • Follow all instructions.
  • Do not use the Solar Lantern near water and avoid contact of lantern with rain, snow, or liquids of any type.
  • Clean only with dry cloth.
  • Install in accordance with the instructions given below.
  • Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, stoves or other equipment that produce heat.
  • CAUTION: Use only maintenance free battery.
  • Do not open lantern yourself. Take it to an authorized service center, when service or repair is needed.

  • Fix the SPV module to the mounting stand with inclination angle to the sunlight in a suitable location, which must be in contact with direct sunlight and away from trees and other types of shading.
  • Route the cable properly from SPV module to Lantern up to where the lantern has to be charged and insert the cable jack to the “SPV IN” provided on lantern housing.
  • Check for the fuse and put properly in the holder provided on the lantern housing.
  • Check the green LED glowing as and when the cable is inserted during daytime when sunlight is available.
  • Initially the Solar Lantern must be charged for 2 sunny days for best results.
  • Now the System is ready for operation.
  • To check the Lamp Operation, remove the SPV input and switch ON the Lantern light. Observe the light output and restore the SPV input and lantern switch.
Dos and Don’ts
Dos Don’ts
Keep the solar Panel clean from Dust and Bird droppings. Do not hammer while fixing the SPV Module connections.
Keep the Lamp cover clean to get maximum light out put. Do not keep Lantern near flame and water.
All connections should be firmly tightened at SPV module. Don’t connect in reverse polarities while replacing battery.
Clean the solar panel regularly with a damp towel to ensure optimal performance of the SPV Module. Don’t use any type of solvent for cleaning and be careful not to put too much pressure on the panel during the cleaning process. To extend the life of your Home Lighting System, it is recommended that solar panel is stored indoors during the winter months or any other extreme weather conditions.

Routine Maintenance
  • Keep the SPV Module free of Dust and Bird dropping etc, by wiping it with clean damp/dry cloth.
  • Keep the Lamp cover clean to get maximum light out put.
1. Home Light not switching ON:
  • Check the fuse if it is not OK, replace it with 500 mA fuse, if fuse is OK, check the battery.
  • Check Battery Low (Red LED) indication, if Red LED is ON, then Battery needs charging.
2. Battery not charging (Green LED not glowing):
  • Check for loose contact in the SPV module to Lantern cable.
  • Check the SPV Module output voltage. If it is not sufficient check any shadows / physical obstructions, which are blocking sunlight falling on the SPV Module. If still problem exists replace the SPV module.
3. Battery discharging frequently:
Replace the battery as mentioned below:
  • Disconnect the SPV Module.
  • Open Lantern carefully by unscrewing three screws of the bottom of the lantern.
  • Remove the battery clamp and disconnect the battery by removing lugs.
  • Carefully remove the Battery from the Lantern.
  • Place the new Battery in the Lantern, and observe the polarity while reconnecting the terminals. (Red for +VE and Black for –VE).
  • If none of them works call nearest service center/factory.
  • When storing any solar product for an extended period of time, be sure to remove the batteries.
  • Storing any solar product without regular recharge or removal could cause permanent damage to the rechargeable batteries